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Our modular products have many technical advantages over the traditional dewatering equipment.  We believe they are more efficient, stable, economical, intelligent, secure, convenient and environmentally friendly.  The combination of the MixCycle polymer dissolution device, the Tubox flocculation device and the Swingmill dewatering drum is a landmark in innovation, simplifying the complicated process of sludge treatment.


MixCycle Dissolution Device  

The function of the MixCycle is to dissolve solid polymer, creating a stable flocculant solution.  The main advantage of the MixCycle is that it consists of both mixing and curing compartment inside the unit.  The agitator is designed to create a powerful current using a combination of centrifugal and side outlet flow.  This will avoid agglomeration, creating a stable flocculant solution, which is vital for the forming of a unified floc. 
Compared to the traditional polymer mixing device, we believe our design has a shorter curing time with low power usage and a faster dosage speed.  It is also easy to maintain with hard wearing components and we always use the highest quality materials for the construction of our units, making them extremely reliable.


Tubox Flocculation Device 

The unique design of The Tubox will efficiently and effectively mix the sludge and flocculant solution together, to form a unified floc, for the dewatering press to process. The main feature of the device is the high-speed mixing blade which creates a collision effect, allowing the forming of a larger unified and stable floc. The Tubox also has several advantages, it reduces polymer usage, improve sludge handling capacity and the agitator is very energy efficient. The compact modular design makes the Tubox easy to install with a small footprint and the secure enclosure eliminates odour release from the sludge.
Swingmill Dewatering Drum 

The Swingmill is a much improvement on the many variation of screw based dewatering devices, available on the market.  It is based on the consecutive fixed rings and moving rings mechanism.  The main difference with our system is that it is powered by external drive rods, creating both a rectilinear motion and a pendulum movement.  We can confidently say that this system will be more effective at reducing moisture content of the sludge cake.

The Swingmill is enclosed in a secure casing, making it odour free and it can also run at an extremely low noise level. The durability of the internal components is very high because there is no discharge of steel shavings from the internal rings, as there is no contact between the moving rings and the main screw shaft.  
Dewlink Dehydrator

The Dewlink Dehydrator is the complete sludge/wastewater solution comprising of the MixCycle, Tubox and the Swingmill.  The number and type of module used is dependent on several factors,  such as the type of sludge being treated, pre-treatment of sludge requirement, flocculation and customer requirements.
The modular systems allow for easier and faster install times, the compact design occupies little space, making it viable for many situations where space is limited.  
Our proposal for any solution are based on field research and the testing of waste water samples.  We can offer various packages and solutions for different situations, budgets and needs.

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