With its superior performance, the Dewlink Dehydrator is suitable for many industries, reducing the overall cost of sludge disposal. 

Type of Industrials
Food Processing Plant: Dairy, Soft Drinks, Distillery, Brewery, Sauce, Confectionery, Bread, Meat, Fish, Seasoning, Flour, Frozen Food, Sausage, Ready Meals, Cooking Oil  
Chemical Plant: Chemical, Cosmetic, Textile, Paint, Adhesive, Cleaner, Cast Metal, Pharmaceutical 
Manufacturing Plant: Automobile, Vehicle Parts, Electronic 
Municipal Applications: Sewage, Septic Tank, Food Waste  
Other Applications: Agriculture, Livestock Farm, Petroleum, Paper Making, Slaughterhouse, Leather Making, Mining, Civil Engineering

Type of Sludge 
Waste Activated Sludge: Sequencing Batch Reactor, Extended Aeration, Oxidation Ditch 
DAF Sludge: Dissolved Air Flotation 
Chemical Sludge: Chemical Precipitation 
Digested Sludge: Anaerobic Digestion, Aerobic Digestion 
Raw Sludge


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